15 Image Humpback Whales Collection


Introducing the Humpback Whale Collection Box.

Featuring 15 stunning matted prints, the Humpback Whale Collection Box is a stunning portfolio of Julia’s favourite underwater whale images taken across Tonga and French Polynesia.

Presented in a bespoke handmade timber box, this tabletop feature has a big impact. Choose from a Small or Large collection box. Each contains 15 fine art cotton rag prints, beautifully matted, and feature two viewing windows on each side. You can rotate the box for a quick change in the image on display. You can also switch your featured images by shuffling the order of the prints inside.


Large Collection: 11×14″ Display with 15  8×12″ cotton rag matted prints.

Small Collection: 8×10″ Display with 15  5×7″ cotton rag matted prints.

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The Humpback Whales Collection features the following 15 prints, printed on a beautiful cotton rag fine art paper and beautifully matted.


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Small (5×7" prints in an 8×10" display), Large (8×12" prints in an 11×14" display)