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Illustrative Portraits

Illustrative Portraiture Collection - 2013-2016

The beauty in storytelling, in books, film or art, is the complete dependence on the audience’s participation to bring it alive. The power of an image is its ability to communicate different messages and meanings to its viewers as they independently interpret the scene before them.

This collection of illustrative portraiture consists of standalone stories to capture the imaginations of my audience. I convey lone figures in wider natural landscapes, and often use surreal imagery to create narratives. While some images have a definitive intention, I rely on the curiosity of the audience to interpret this work as they wish.

By staging and constructing each photograph I aim to represent varied human emotions of isolation, fear, entrapment and anxiety, as well as fascination, power and curiosity. With vast attention to colour we are brought into fantasy worlds both dark and light. In this collection of work each story is undetermined: every image unlocks the imagination of the viewer.

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