Julia Nance

Julia Nance - Humpback Mother and Calf over reef - Buy Art online

It was a beautiful childhood backyard – it lead me to a camera.
It was a university course – it introduced the studio. 
It was a trip to Tonga – it gave my life a direction. 

I’m Julia, from Melbourne, Victoria, a trained photographer with a love for studio work, conceptual work and underwater photography. I capture people, products, and wildlife in a visual attempt to tell stories and convey ideas. I love studio photography for both people and still life. Underwater photography is my latest passion, and in 2016 I bought the gear and booked a trip to swim and photograph Humpback Whales.
I could tell you about my work, and if you ask me I would be happy to. But for now, just observe, and hopefully even just a little bit of the magic will stop you for a moment, to appreciate the world below and above.

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$10 per print or canvas ordered will go directly to Sea Shepherd Australia, to go towards protecting our oceans and its inhabitants.
Read more about Sea Shepherd on their website here.