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Julia Nance - Photographer

A personal exploration of underwater and fine art photography

A personal exploration of underwater and fine art photography

“There are so many things about the ocean I love.
It is relentless and unforgiving, powerful and destructive.
However, when you explore the underwater world everything feels calm.
Perhaps it is the silence, or the pressure building when you need to take a breath.
It could be t
he way the light dances.
a 12 meter mammal looks you in the eye and your whole world changes.”

Julia Nance is a photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. She primarily works as a portrait photographer, but maintains a body of personal fine art work in her spare time.

Across her collections, you will find a passion for people, nature and colour. With subjects ranging from impressive humpback whales underwater, to delicate macro imagery in a studio environment. Julia is driven to create work that creates emotional connection. You will find en emphasis on colour and nature to convey themes of childhood wonder, internal struggle and conservation. 

As a working photographer, Julia has a selection of fine art prints to help bring a little magic to your homes. It’s the power of a printed image that truly brings photography alive.