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20” x 20” Chromaluxe Aluminum prints.

In my series Lovers I closely observe flowers to reconcile my experience of love with the three people I have been ‘in love’ with. Utilising macro photography, focus stacking and panoramic merging demonstrates the visual manifestation of merging a series of memories into one emotion.  The constructed image is made of 50-200 photographs.

The budding flower in the first image represents the room I had to grow. My love was not reciprocated, and with it there was distance and desperation: a division and void between us that this flower depicts. The second image in my series represents a love that opened me up, made me blossom and his appearance in my life felt like the first spring flower after an eternity of winter. The third image in the series I show my readiness for commitment, for love, but as the flower is still budding, I depict my room to develop, to become better, and grow up and to be a happy medium of my last two loves.

Printing on metal avoids the ephemerality of flower, photographic paper and the time one spends in love. I symbolise strength and durability to contrast to the tenuous nature of flowers.  By bringing power to something fleeting I demonstrate the impact each of these people have had on my life.

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