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Whales In Moorea

Humpback Whales

Moorea, French Polynesia

Whales In Moorea Collection - 2019

Moorea invited us into a world of paradise, with other-worldly mountains, lush palms, and turquoise lagoons. The island in the French Polynesian archipelago was a photography dream. But it was what lay below the surface of the waves that drew me to the island. The wild ocean offered another opportunity to swim with glorious humpback whales.

The chaos of the ocean feels subdued when you observe a humpback underwater. The chopping waves and current push you around, but the presence of a whale fills your soul. The first humpback encounter I experienced in Moorea was with a male humpback whale, hanging in the blue waters below, singing. It was a beautiful moment, and while I was suspended on top of the water his song vibrated through my body. It was a song that could be felt.

That’s what it’s like meeting a humpback underwater. Their presence is like a song that fills you up – that vibrates through your veins.

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