Cologne, Utrecht, Amsterdam and Bruges

Travelling my train from Cologne in Germany, to Utrecht in the Netherlands, visiting Amsterdam on two day trips, and then a train into Belgium. It was amazing to see first snow falling in Germany and to visit the many Christmas markets. To see full snow cover over the Netherlands, and Amsterdam in a snow storm…

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I spent two weeks exploring Madrid, Seville, Cordoba and Torremolinos in Spain. With incredible food, beautiful beaches, and stunning architecture, it is a country that would be great to explore on a long roadtrip.    

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Southern France (And A Trip To Monaco)

After visiting Paris in August at the start of our trip, we decided to return and explore Southern France for one week. We stayed in Nice, Avignon and Toulouse, and one day trip to Monaco. They were all beautiful places, with Avignon being my favourite – it was such a beautiful place with a very…

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I spent two weeks in Italy, staying in Bologna, Florence, La Spezia, and San Remo. It was absolutely beautiful, as expected, and I was lucky to have the opportunity to visit all five towns in the Cinque Terre Coast. It was an adventure of food, colourful houses, narrow streets and beautiful Italian art and history….

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Incredible Iceland

Iceland is a photographer’s dream. I am already mentally planning a trip back one day. Pictures cannot do the country justice. There are beautiful mountains everywhere, wonderful moss, autumn trees lit up with golden sunlight, churches perched on hills overlooking the countryside and gorgeous Icelandic horses. If you would like more detailed recaps of my…

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England, United Kingdom

Our trip around England in the UK was fairly extensive. We visited St Albans (north of London), Brighton, Chesterfield, and Liverpool. It was a really relaxing time, and we were lucky to visit the Harry Potter Studio Tours, The Seven Sisters National Park, and the Lake District during our travels. If you would like more…

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Latvia was full of wonderful locals, Jonathan’s family, showing us the amazing countryside, beaches, forests and family farms. It was a real honour to be treated like family, and Latvia became a second home for us. If you would like more detailed recaps of my trips around Europe, please sign up to my mailing list!…

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Julia Nance Krakow Poland

Dusseldorf, Germany and Krakow, Poland

Some images from a quick stay in Dusseldorf, Germany followed by some photographs of our stay in Krakow, Poland. Krakow was a really pleasant city with a relaxed vibe and incredible food. We learnt so much about the history of the Holocaust – a very important part of our trip. If you would like more…

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Nuremberg, Germany

Germany was a wonderful adventure – here are some images from beautiful Nuremberg. This historical city was so charming to walk around. Highlights included the Nuremberg Volksfest; visiting the oldest Bratwurst restaurant in Germany; exploring the history of where Hitler held his Nazi Rallies; and exploring the medieval architecture in the old town. If you…

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France and Germany

Some images from our time in Montmorency (France), Paris, and Berlin. If you would like more detailed recaps of my trips around Europe, please sign up to my mailing list!

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Some images from Paris and Montmorency, in France. We were treated to wonderful weather, long days of exploration and beautiful food. If you would like to receive more detailed recaps of my trips around Europe, please sign up to my mailing list.

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